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In this course you’ll learn about the suspension components in your car and how different suspension systems work. You’ll learn about camber, caster, and toe, as well as how to measure these elements and make adjustments to them. You’ll also learn about more advanced topics such as roll centre height and how it can influence the handling of your car. 
What you will learn
  • How Suspension Works
  • Race Alignment Fundamentals
  • A step-by-step Alignment Process
  • How to make a Low Cost Alignment System
  • More advanced topics like Roll Centre Adjustment
  • How to measure & optimize Camber, Caster and Toe
One of the most overlooked aspects of optimising the handling and balance of your car is corner weighting. This car setup technique can dramatically improve your lap times and boost the amount of confidence you have behind the wheel on race day.
What you will learn
  • How to use corner weighting to optimise the balance of your vehicle
  • The essential equipment you'll need for corner weighting
  • How to setup a flat patch to ensure accurate results
  • A 6 step corner weighting process that you can apply to any car or motorsport discipline
  • How to assess your car's performance and know where to improve
If you want to become a better driver, get faster lap times and constantly progress your driving skills you’ll need to know how to use a datalogger and understand the information it gives you.

This course will teach you the entire process from complete basics all the way through to more detailed techniques and tactics which will allow you to confidently analyse your logged data.
What you will learn
  • How to Choose & Use a Logger
  • The Core Datalogging Fundamentals
  • Using a Reference Lap
  • Setting Up Track Maps & Sectors
  • To Review Data and Improve Your Driving
  • The RC 6 Step Data Analysis Process

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