Motorsport Wheel Alignment Fundamentals

Motorsport Wheel Alignment Fundamentals

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There’s nothing more satisfying than putting in that perfect lap in your car at your local race track. That feeling of carving through a series of corners with your car perfectly balanced on the limit is hard to beat. Whether you’re racing the stopwatch or your fellow competitors, you’re always looking for a way to go faster.

One of the easiest and cheapest ways to improve your car and drop your lap times is by optimising the suspension setup and the alignment settings. That’s exactly what you’ll learn in Racecraft’s wheel alignment fundamentals course.

If you’re like most enthusiasts then you probably rely on the services of a wheel alignment specialist at your local tire shop. While these shops might do a great job aligning a stock road car, often they aren’t familiar with the optimal alignment settings for race track use. This means you're likely to end up with sub par results. Even if you find a great alignment shop, you can't take them to the track with you, meaning you can’t make changes if something isn’t quite right. At best it’s also going to get expensive if you’re regularly having alignment changes made by a specialist before every event.

I know what you’re thinking - This is all well and good but you don’t have tens of thousands of dollars to buy your own wheel alignment equipment. Well, don’t worry because we have the solution. You’re probably used to seeing wheel alignment specialists using ultra expensive camera based alignment systems on bulky 4 post lifts. But in this course you’ll learn that you can perform your own accurate wheel alignments with nothing more than a camber gauge, some aluminium extrusion, a set of jack stands, some nylon line and a ruler. 

If this all sounds a little bit unprofessional then you might be surprised to hear that the exact techniques you’ll learn in this course are also used by top motorsport teams in every form of racing, including LMP1 and F1. Not only will these techniques allow you to perform your own alignments, but you can also take all the equipment to the track with you. This is perfect when you want to try an alignment change while you’re at the track, or switch between a dry and wet setup.

In this course you’ll learn about the suspension components in your car and how different suspension systems work. You’ll learn about camber, caster, and toe, as well as how to measure these elements and make adjustments to them. You’ll also learn about more advanced topics such as roll centre height and how it can influence the handling of your car. 

You’ll learn the skills and techniques that you’ll need to understand in order to analyse problem areas in your cars handling, decide on the correct course of action to correct these problems, and then how to apply and test these changes safely . You’ll learn the fundamentals behind suspension operation and wheel alignment, and the techniques to perform your own fast and accurate wheel alignments in your shed or at the race track.

To make performing your own wheel alignments quick and easy we've broken the job down into the Racecraft 7 step process. Each step of this process is straightforward to complete and in no time you’ll have your alignment exactly where you need it. By following the process you’ll have the confidence that you haven’t overlooked any critical elements that could result in mistakes or potentially make your car unsafe.

Once you’ve learned the theory and practical skills presented in this course you’ll be able to watch them being put to use in our library of worked examples. These are an informal walk through where you can watch the 7 step process being applied from start to finish on a real alignment job. 

The skills you’ll learn in this course are universal and applicable to any car. So regardless whether you're attending a couple of track days a year in your daily driver, or you’re competing every weekend in a dedicated race car, the skills and techniques required are exactly the same. 

I know many enthusiasts are interested in learning to perform their own wheel alignments, but they think that the required knowledge and techniques are beyond them, or the equipment is too expensive. If that sounds like you then this course will change your mind, showing you that any enthusiast like you with an eye for detail and some patience can learn to perform accurate alignments without spending thousands on specialist equipment. 

What you will learn
  • How Suspension Works
  • Race Alignment Fundamentals
  • A step-by-step Alignment Process
  • How to make a Low Cost Alignment System
  • More advanced topics like Roll Centre Adjustment
  • How to measure & optimize Camber, Caster and Toe

Common Questions

Can I watch the course whenever suits me?

You can access your course material via our website, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. You can watch it as many times as you like.

Do the videos expire?

Once purchased you have LIFETIME access to your training courses. Lots of our customers use these course videos are reference material throughout local or professional motorsport careers referring back to them when needed.

Will this technique work with my car?

Yes, this course covers all types of common suspension designs. It's applicable to all makes and models of cars.

What skill level is this course aimed at?

This course starts right at the beginning making it ideal for beginners with no experience whatsoever. It also provides great information at a more intermediate level for those who have already had some experience in car setup and wheel alignment.

Do I get a certificate?

Yes, we provide a digital certificate of completion with every course you complete. This is great for the workshop wall or CV.

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Course Curriculum

  • Introduction 03.19
  • How to Use This Course 01.36
  • Disclaimer 01.50
  • McPherson Strut 02.04
  • Double Wishbone 01.31
  • Multi Link 01.03
  • Live Axle 02.20
  • Lateral Axle Location 03.00
  • Antiroll bars 01.57
  • Spring Rates 02.55
  • Damper Basics 02.06
  • Camber 05.09
  • Toe 05.54
  • Caster 04.01
  • King Pin Inclination and Scrub Radius 03.36
  • Bump Steer and Roll Steer 05.15
  • Roll Centre 02.45
  • Ride Height 04.27
  • Ackerman Steering 02.45
  • Wheel Base and Wheel Track 02.10
  • Adjustability in a Stock Car 02.12
  • Eccentric Bolts 02.52
  • Suspension Arms 02.48
  • Camber Adjustable Strut Tops 01.46
  • Suspension Bushes 05.17
  • Roll Centre/Bump Steer Correction 04.57
  • Anti Roll Bars 02.36
  • How Tyre Pressure Affects Performance 02.37
  • Cold vs Hot Pressure 02.46
  • Nitrogen vs Air 03.55
  • Keeping Track of Tyre Pressure - Documentation 02.16
  • How to Optimise Your Tyre Pressures 05.24
  • Commercial Alignment Specialists 03.39
  • String Alignment 03.19
  • Camber and Caster Gauges 02.12
  • Slip Plates and Turn Plates 02.20
  • Toe Plates 01.49
  • Parallax Error 02.21
  • Setting Up Adjustable Suspension Arms 13.20
  • Adjusting Ride Height Using Coil Over Suspension 12.07
  • Measuring and Adjusting Camber 16.25
  • Measuring and Adjusting Caster 11.03
  • Measuring and Adjusting Toe 07.22
  • Setting Up a String Alignment System 09.57
  • Adjusting Anti-Roll Bars 03.58
  • Checking Suspension Bush Condition 07.47
  • Measuring and Adjusting Bump Steer 07.39
  • Understanding What The Car is Doing 03.56
  • Driver-Induced Handling Issues 02.52
  • What to Adjust 02.02
  • Wet vs Dry Setup 03.03
  • 1. Setup Suspension Components 02.38
  • 2. Setup Alignment Equipment 01.24
  • 3. Check Base Alignment 01.01
  • 4. Decide on Required Changes 01.30
  • 5. Perform Alignment 01.16
  • 6. Spanner Check 02.05
  • 7. Test Results 01.47
  • Conclusion 01.42
  • Introduction 06.06
  • 1. Setup Suspension Components 23.29
  • 2. Setup Alignment Equipment 06.00
  • 3. Check Base Alignment 03.54
  • 4. Decide on Required Changes 01.23
  • 5. Perform Alignment 06.20
  • 6. Spanner Check 02.01
  • Request Certification 00.07

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